Our story

De Fynne Nursery was started in 2001 when Elton Jefthas and Jacky Goliath decided to start their own nursery in his back-yard garden. With only 1,000 units of 3 plant types (Coleonema, Phylica and Cyclopia spesies), the focus was on Fynbos and indigenous plants in pots and nursery bags to serve the then current market.

As demand grew for more indigenous and water-wise plants, the nursery moved in 2005 to a rented site of 0.5 hectare land in Kylemore. With an increased demand for indigenous plants, 2 tunnels, 2 employees and about 20 000 plants to maintain, the water source became too limited and a bigger site was needed for the business to grow. In 2008 the business moved to a 1.5 hectare rented area in Simondium, between Paarl and Franschoek.

As job creation is one of our main objectives, we were proud to employ 15 permanent employees with an additional 10 casual labourers during peak times. The nursery hosted about 600 000 plants which include Fynbos plants such as Protea, Leucospermum, Leucadendron, Erica, Buchu, etc., fruit trees, research material and Agricultural crops.

Opportunities continued to come knocking at our door and soon we needed more space to expand the business. Our dream came true when we received a premises of 22ha in the Paarl area. This made us to expand production of the nursery, increase employment and gave us the opportunity of diversifying the business. Currently we employ 22 permanent workers and 15 casual workers.

De Fynne is also now producing and growing plums.

As the market trends have changed, De Fynne Nursery has become one of the specialist nurseries that does contract growing for both the horticultural and agricultural sector.

A few Salient features for Defynne:

BBEE status : Level 1

Procurement regocnition: 135%

Black ownership : 100%

Global Gap certified, Farming For the Future certified & a Proud Supplier to Woolworths Stores.